June Lake Loop

June Lake Loop

Situated 12.0 Miles from Ventura Grand Inn, the June Lake Loop is renowned for its collection of four pristine alpine lakes, each with its distinct charm. Take in the glistening waters of June Lake, reflecting the surrounding majestic peaks. Marvel at the crystal-clear waters of Gull Lake, a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Discover the tranquil beauty of Silver Lake, nestled in a serene mountain setting. And immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of Grant Lake, stretching across the horizon. Each lake offers its unique allure, captivating visitors with its natural splendor and inviting outdoor activities.  

Outdoor adventures and activities have garnered attraction from travelers across the Globe. Imagine getting the adrenaline rush while enjoying the serenity of nature. Experience hiking and nature trails as you lace up your hiking boots and explore the numerous hiking trails that wind through the scenic landscapes surrounding June Lake Loop. From leisurely walks to challenging treks, there’s a trail suitable for every level of hiker. You may also bring your mountain bike and hit the scenic trails surrounding June Lake Loop. Experience the thrill of biking through rugged terrain and enjoy the panoramic views along the way. Another option is to explore the loop on horseback and immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape while enjoying a unique perspective. Guided horseback riding tours are available for both beginners and experienced riders.  

One can also rent a boat or kayak and embark on a leisurely journey across the serene lakes. Feel the gentle breeze as you paddle or cruise, surrounded by the stunning mountain scenery. As you uncover these destinations, do not forget to capture the breathtaking beauty of June Lake Loop through your lens. From towering mountains to colorful wildflowers, each turn offers a new opportunity for stunning photographs. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife encounters as you explore the loop. Deer, birds, and other animals are often spotted amidst the natural surroundings, providing an immersive wildlife experience. Our guests have spotted animals on their expedition, giving them nature’s connection like nowhere else.  

For a laid-back experience, pack a delicious picnic and find a picturesque spot along the loop to enjoy a leisurely outdoor meal. Bask in the tranquility of the mountains as you savor your food amidst the stunning vistas. Set up camp in one of the well-maintained campgrounds near June Lake Loop and spend a night under the stars. Experience the tranquility of the mountains and wake up to the fresh mountain air.  

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